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martedì 27 maggio 2014

Nel bosco

Nel bosco
-Il riflesso della nuvola, sembra un profilo di un viso imbrnciato

Fotocamera     SONY    DSLR-A350  - f/9 - t.e 1/500 - ISO 200 - l.f 15mm

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  1. Questo commento è stato eliminato dall'autore.

    1. Imaging, "In Forest" spotted by Sergio Lazzarini is not only a perfect artwork as technical procedure, but it is also an artistic concept, complete and by redoubtable evocation of transit of the souls, in which author, give up a moment to his materiality, bodily to detect from behavior and the souls confession, their spiritual conflict, uncensored, in immaterial world, to transmit the mankind the right path, for an extension of life earthly, and the acquisition the eternal life, without fear of Revelation.
      Profile the girl, identified by artist, can be and the portrait of the Virgin Mary;
      sacred symbol of femininity and harmony.

    2. Un grazie di cuore per i tuoi bellissimi commenti, un saluto e un augurio di una felice giornata

  2. Odyssey the souls, more concise, in my opinion, strict.
    Exclusivist performance and accuracy of this work, outlines the interpretation sensitive visionary scenarios and Christian moral of life beyond the great artist.


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